Unlock the full potential of your storage capacity

Join the decentralized storage revolution with Ramo Computer.

What is
Ramo Computer?

Ramo Computer is a command-line interface (CLI) application designed specifically for managing and utilizing your local storage to contribute to Filecoin network.

By committing a portion of your disk space, you become an integral part of the decentralized storage ecosystem.

Why choose
Ramo Computer?

Efficiency: Streamlined and optimized for maximum performance.

Control: You decide how much storage to allocate.

Transparency: Monitor utilization and health of your storage directly from our easy-to-use web dashboard.

How it works

Setting up the Storage Daemon:

Download the client

Download and install Ramo Computer to begin committing and consuming resources.

Set your storage commitment

Run the command:

Replace [YOUR_STORAGE_AMOUNT] with the amount of storage you want to allocate.

Let it run

Your storage is now part of the Filecoin network, storing sectors and maintaining daily checks to ensure they are active and accessible.

Monitor and manage with ease

Coming soon: With Ramo Computer's user-friendly web dashboard, you can:

View storage utilization

Check how much of your committed storage is currently in use and how much is remaining.

Sector status

Keep tabs on the health and status of the sectors you're hosting.

Proof of storage

Ramo Computer automatically and continuously proofs the integrity of the resources committed to compute protocols.

Empower your systems to do more than just store – let them secure and strengthen a global network.

Be a part of shaping the future of decentralized storage with Ramo Computer today.